Best Prank Ever? Bros Pick Their Sister Up After Wisdom Tooth Surgery, Convince Her There’s A Zombie Outbreak

It’s been months since I’ve laughed at something I saw on the Internet like I just did with this prank video. These brothers picked their sister Millicent up from her wisdom tooth removal surgery and while she’s all drugged up they convince her that there’s a zombie virus outbreak.

The bros had recorded some sort of CDC (Center for Disease Control) message to play over the car’s stereo announcing a zombie outbreak, they get mom on board with the prank after a quick phone call, and they tell the sister that the family is going to Mexico and start forcing her to make decisions.

Seriously bros, I actually found myself laughing out loud at this one:

Those drugs they give you for wisdom tooth removal surgery make you do and say some things that are inconceivable when sober, and it’s led to some of the greatest viral videos on the Internet. I’d just like to say cheers to whoever concocted that glorious wisdom tooth removal cocktail.

(h/t Tastefully Offensive)