Dude Discovers The Single Worst Use For Magnets When He Gets His Manhood Stuck Between Them

This dude found the single worst use of magnets after getting his twig and giggle berries stuck between two powerful magnets while visiting his holistic medicine witch doctor. Magnet Therapy, or Magnotherapy, is considered nothing more than ‘pseudoscience’ as the supposed benefits have never been proven nor are they accepted by credible representatives of the medical community. Furthermore, the magnets used in magnotherapy aren’t even strong enough to have an effect on oxygen levels in the bloodstream like they claim to. With that said, some people truly buy into the alleged healing benefits of magnet therapy, and I’m sure this dude though everything was legit until his dick got stuck in between two magnets causing him excruciating pain:

via DailyMail:

The man who can be seen groaning in pain was attempting to conduct health therapy on himself.
His family said that he had resorted to using magnotherapy in order to treat issues with his prostate.
He was hoping that he would be treated by the magnetic field produced by the two magnets.
However the magnetic force was too strong and his genitals became stuck between two magnets.
With the help of doctors, the firefighters tried to remove the two magnets however they were unable to.
They called the manufacturers of the two magnets for advice. The manufacturer told the emergency team that they should pull the two magnets in a parallel manner off his penis.
However his family did not like the idea as they were concerned that it might damage the soft tissue of his scrotum.
Firefighters then resorted to using hydraulic shears to successfully crush the magnets.
After four hours, the magnets were removed from the man’s penis.

Video of the incident shows a very woeful man:

[protected-iframe id=”289c8187ba8b773518408af8ef02a9f2-97886205-92965040″ info=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1337008.html” width=”698″ height=”573″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=””]

He had his dick stuck in between two high-powered magnets for FOUR FUCKING HOURS. And the magnet makers wanted them to slide the magnets off, essentially rolling his dipstick like a pizza dough before it’s cooked. If this isn’t reason enough to stay as far away from psuedo science magnet therapy as possible then I don’t know what is.

…(h/t The Daily Mail)…

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