Mailman Leaves Package In The WORST Possible Location, But At Least He Wrote An A+ Note!

by 2 years ago

Martin Hoscik /

We’ve heard of packages being left in some unusual places by mail carriers, but no delivery person will ever be able to do any worse than this mailman did.

Sam Cooke of Manchester was not at home when a Royal Mail carrier decided that he would try to be helpful and leave a package he was delivering in a safe place.

Spotting an open window he decided to just drop the package inside the house.

So why, when Cooke returned home did he find two notes from the mailman and no package?

This is why…

The first note reads, simply enough, “Put through window.” No problems yet.

The next note is where things really go awry and says, “I’m really sorry. Think your parcel might have fallen in the toilet accidentally.”