Mall Isn’t Happy Just Giving Customers Escalators, Installs Insane 200FT Slide From Top To Ground Floor

Are you too lazy to take the steps and find elevators to be completely boring? Need to get from Chess King on the top floor to Baskin Robbins on the bottom floor at hyper speed? You’re in luck (and possibly a spoiled asshole).

A shopping mall has unveiled the last word in shopping for adrenaline junkies – a giant tube slide measuring 200ft tall.

The Printemps shopping mall in Shanghai’s come up with the idea that helps shoppers get to the ground floor from five storeys up in just 16 seconds.

But the so-called “Dragon Slide” is not without its concerns – it sends people down at such a rate that they are being advised to cross their arms to save themselves from potential injury.

Does anyone NEED to get to the bottom of the mall that fast? And what if you’ve got shopping bags? Do you toss them over the railing and meet them on the bottom?

The unnamed male shopper told CRI : “I was really scared, because during those bends my hands felt numb. And then I came down; and more than that, I was scared, so how would children feel?”

They’ll feel like demanding an Auntie Anne’s pretzel immediately was an unwise choice.

[via MSN]