A Mama Duck Lost All Her Baby Ducks Down A Drain, Then Quacked And Quacked And Quacked Until Help Arrived

Do you want to meet a good mama duck? Why wouldn’t you? It’s Monday, and mama ducks are here to make everyone’s day just a little bit better.

This one, in Phoenix, accidentally dropped all her baby ducks down a drain. Not a good mama duck! But don’t worry. She redeems herself.

Unable to get the ducklings out of the drain herself (ducks have neither hands nor upper body strength), she quacked and quacked until someone showed up.

The person heard chirping below and saw a buncha baby ducklings down the drain! Oh no!

They called the fire department, who lifted the drain cover and saved all the ducks.


Between this and the Chelsea bomber being caught, I got a feeling we are in for a good week.

[Via @StaceyRitzen]