Man Commits Suicide at Mall When Wife Wants to Keep Shopping

It's frustrating. Like sometimes, you just want to be at home, enjoying the game, drinking a beer and she just nags you straight to the mall where you are left watching her pick out blouse after blouse after mother fucking blouse. 

Well, one Chinese man found a unique way to get out of that shit. By killing himself. Seems drastic, I say, but it also appears to be 100 percent effective. From Google Translate of a Chinese website

December 8 pm, a man from the seventh floor of Xuzhou Golden Eagle Pengcheng Square falling dead. Scene is a mess, the counter was smashed. According to the description around the people, that the man himself committed suicide. When the man and his girlfriend shopping man Xiangui, after a dispute, the man angrily jumping.

What set him over the edge was the shoes. She wanted more shoes. Women always want more shoes. From Gawker:

Having been inside the mall for five hours, Tao had reached his limit, and reportedly insisted that they leave immediately. “He told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes that she could wear in a lifetime and it was pointless buying any more,” an eyewitness was quoted as saying.

That's when she accused him of ruining Christmas, and he responded by throwing himself over the seventh-floor railing. “You think that will ruin Christmas? No, watch this.” 

[Woman shopping image via Shutterstock]

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