30-Year-Old Man Gets Breast Implants To Help Him Land A Job, Somehow It Does Not Work

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Now we know the job market can be tough, but this guy who thought getting breast implants would help him get work is beyond crazy.

A Chinese man named Mr. Ho (cool name) spent more than $5,600 on breast implants because he read reports that women have more career options over there.

To pay for the surgery he borrowed the money and didn’t inform his family about his intentions.

Needless to say, after he got his fake funbags his family took notice. And they weren’t thrilled.

Reports The Daily Mail

The man’s mother was furious after learning her son had borrowed over 39,000 Yuan (£4,558) for the surgery.

His mother said in the video report: ‘I was so scared, how can it be like that? How can a man with such big boobs face others?’

She added: ‘I can’t tell you how many times I have cried in my room.’

Oh yeah, she also made him get his boobies removed.

No word as to whether Mr. Ho has managed to find a job yet.

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