Man With Very Punchable Face Goes BALLISTIC On Black Starbucks Employee, Screaming ‘Trump! You Lost!’

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A video of a Michael Bolton clone going haywire on a Starbucks employee near the University of Miami by screaming “Trump!” after he said it took to long for his order is going viral today.

The man has been identified as David Sanguesa, a Miami real-estate developer who, according to Miami New Times, has been sued by at least three women for either domestic or repeat violence in Miami-Dade County court. Restraining orders were issued in all three cases.

The incident, which happened at 4:30 pm yesterday, features Sanguesa berating a black female cashier before threatening to fight a patron who confronted him for being an asshole.

“You’re trash,” he said to the cashier. “Cause I voted for Trump. Trump. You lost, now give me my money back. You’re garbage. You’re complete trash.”

Jorge de Cárdenas, the man who captured the tirade on video, said the man claimed he was the victim of “anti-white discrimination” because he and his female friend had to wait too long for their order. “He started disparaging the staff,” Cárdenas told the Miami New Times. “One patron called him an asshole, so he said, ‘Fuck you, bitch.’ That’s when I started filming.”

If you aren’t completely enamored with this douchenozzle yet, please let me provide you with another tidbit about his character. The Miami Herald reported today that Sanguesa has been sending that newspaper racist, sexist letters for years.

Four days earlier he had sent an email about the coverage of the death of former Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez in a boating accident. “I hate Cubans…. all pieces of shit… including Jose Fernandez.

All that racist, entitled bullshit I guess I’ll put behind me. But there’s something about that face. If you don’t change it, David, I’m going to change it for you.

Grown up Beans from Even Stevens or nah?



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