Man Has Burger King-Themed Funeral Because We’re All Too Fat

Even after death, a Pennsylvania man can’t get enough of his favorite fast food. His funeral included a stop at a Burger King drive-thru.

Before this WWII veteran was laid to rest, the hearse and the entire funeral procession went through a Burger King drive-thru on the way to the cemetery.

The deceased, David Kime of West York, Pa., loved fast food, especially  Whopper Juniors.

Imagine having your penchant for greasy food used as the one thing to define you after death. Actually, don’t imagine that. It’s pretty sad.

The funeral director arranged for Kime’s favorite Burger King to prepare about 40 Whopper Juniors, paid for by the family.

“I think it’s great. I mean that we have somebody that’s that devoted that that’s their last, a final think that they’re going to do,” Margarete Hess, manager of the Burger King, said.

One by one, the cars in the funeral procession came through. However, many people were in the car and that’s how many burgers they received.

Everyone in the hearse got a Whopper Jr., including the deceased.

“He would be thrilled, there is no doubt,” Phiel said.

Just 15 minutes before he died, he was on the phone from the hospital joking with his daughter, Linda, asking her to bring him a burger, and she did.

The Kime family should work out a posthumous sponsorship deal here. If a dead guy can make me want Wendy’s, a dead guy can make me want BK.