Man Kicks Cat, Gets Hit With Falling Karma Bombs

Here we have a man who so desperately wants to play his guitar that he’s willing to toss his cat out of his seat and then kick it out of the frame. Which might seem like the worst beginning to a viral video of all time, but then we see karma bombs getting dropped on his head by the cat, and all is right in the universe.

That cat was just sleeping, minding her own business, probably dreaming up cat scams like where in the house to poop next and what type of bird to kill that afternoon. But just because cats are pretty awful creatures that doesn’t give some jackass the right to toss one around.

I have just about zero love when it comes to cats. There’s the rare diamond in the rough cat, the cat so awesome that ‘it acts like a dog’. But if you kick a defenseless animal for sleeping in your way then you 1000% to get pots broken on your head. It’s that plain and simple.