The INCREDIBLE Story Of How Man Lost 176 Pounds In Less Than A Year – Here’s How He Made His Remarkable Transition

by 2 years ago

Yes, those two gentlemen that you see above are indeed the same person. Andy Albertson on the right looks unbelievably unrecognizable compared to Andy Albertson on the left. The 22-year-old Texas native turned to food for comfort all of his life and it became a vicious cycle.

“You get sad so you eat to feel better and then you have eaten, and you feel bad again, and you eat again,” Andy told TODAY.

In junior high, kids made fun of Andy by calling him “Andyopolis,” meaning he was a humungous as a city.

At his heaviest in college, he weighed 317 pounds. But it wasn’t just his body that was suffering, it was also his mind and his confidence that was shattered. He would go to classes early just so that he could sit in the last row so that nobody would be able to see him.

“I used to tell myself, ‘Oh I don’t care what people think. It doesn’t matter.’ But deep down inside … I hated the way I felt and looked,” he said.

But Andy not only broke the cycle, but he smashed it to smithereens.

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