Man With Superhuman Strength Pins Two Police Officers Down By Their Necks Before Escaping Scott Free

This has gotta be a tough one to watch for the Archway, North London Police Department. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if these two officers didn’t show up to work today. Probably at the post office now mailing in their badges. In their defense, the criminal looked to be an absolute savage. But if we’re being hard on them, which I choose to do because I’m a scumbag, there’s really no excuse for two adult humans to be pinned to the concrete with one arm. Flail around or pinch his fucking leg or something. Did both of them miss the hand-to-hand combat lesson in the Academy? What’s the deal. At the 35 second mark it legit looked like the lady cop voluntarily just rolled over. I don’t know whether she was just looking to star gaze or she was waving the white flag, but the police chief is probably looking for an explanation on that one.

Robert Walakira, the eyewitness who filmed the incident, described the scene from her perspective.

“The police officers were trying to force the man to the ground. But he was too strong for both of them. I was worried, especially for the female officer, but I was too scared to intervene. One of the officers managed to spray CS gas but it didn’t make any difference. It was awful – I’ve never seen anything like it.”

I’m glad you did everything you could to help Robert….

There’s a killer on the loose but thanks for the sweet blogging material! You da real MVP.

[H/T LADbible]

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