Man Plays With Giant Kodiak Bear Named Jimbo, Somehow Doesn’t Get Mauled To A Million Pieces

Usually when a 1,500-pound Kodiak bear and a human get together for a showdown that features some ‘rasslin and general screwing around, said human more often than not eventually gets chewed to smithereens. Instead, what we have here in this rare moment of civility is a man named Jim giggling his ass off while he plays with an enormous bear named Jimbo, whose mouth could not have possibly been any closer to the dude’s head.

You’ll find yourself waiting for some slap-boxing, head chewing, and a man screaming for his life but it somehow never happens from the unusually jolly, 9-foot giant.


I don’t care what kind of expert training is performed at the Orphaned Wildlife Center, where the video was taken, you simply could not pay me enough money to gleefully play with a bear that could end your life with one playful slap to the face.


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