Man On Ketamine Has His Ankle Reset Before Surgery And LOVES It, Has Best Reaction Ever

Ketamine, it appears, is one hell of a drug. This Scottish dude had broken his ankle and required surgery. However, the ankle needed to be reset (broken again and put back into place) before doctors could perform the surgery. In order to put the man at ease, they injected him with Ketamine.

I’ve never injured myself to the point where Ketamine was necessary, but if I ever find myself up shit creek with a snapped ankle I’d hope that the doctors take pity on me and juice me up with Ketamine instead of some weak ass painkiller. If I’m ever in excruciating pain and require my bones to be broken after they were already broken, I want what this man is on because he appears to be the happiest human being on planet earth.

I was questioning the strength of his Ketamine dosage until I heard that gentleman belt out “I am a man.” You KNOW when some dude’s yelling out “I am a man” that he feeling pretty fucking good. More often than not this phrase is uttered by some dude shooting up Vitamin-S (Winstrol or something like it) in Miami Beach or on the Jersey Shore. But we also see this phenomenon when the drugs really kick in, and in that instant, this Scottish gentleman was riding that white dragon of Ketamine all the way to a fixed ankle orgasm. I didn’t know it was possible to have a sexual reaction to broken bones, but here we are.

(h/t DIGG Video)

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