GRAPHIC: Man Removes Bullet From His Own Leg And WOW That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

This dude just took a hot, steamy dump on the popular pimple-popping videos. “You went to a medical professional to have a zit popped? Oh that’s cute. I just got shot and instead of rushing to the emergency room, I went home and ripped that sucker out myself.”

While you may think this gentleman is insane for removing a slug from his body, relax, he’s done this before. Two years ago he took out a bullet that was buried in his shoulder, so no worries, he’s got experience. He states that he doesn’t need medical attention, “Fuck a doctor, ya hear me?” He just saved a bunch of money on his health insurance.

He easily pulls out the bullet with not one grimace or squeal, whereas I would be crying and screaming for my mommy. However, once the slug is removed, it leaves a gaping hole.

“Look at dat whole thou,” the man says after removing the bullet.

Dat hole tho indeed.

I’m all for a short digestible video, but I feel like this video should be way, way longer than one minute and four seconds. There are so many unanswered questions. Like maybe, how did you get a bullet in you to begin with? And, when did you get shot because it appears to not be a fresh wound? Did you use any pain-numbing elixirs such as whiskey or vodka? Are you planning on getting bullet #3 lodged into your body?