‘Manspreading’ Experiment Shows Women What It’s Like To Walk A Mile In Our Bulging Pants

‘Manspreading’ was a huge story over the last year for some reason. It became such a big deal that it was even banned on Madrid public transportation. One YouTuber, Steven Crowder, made it his goal to tackle this misunderstood from another issue and show the other side that it’s not about sloppiness, laziness, or entitlement. Sometimes, what the other side might call ‘manspreading’ is just the only acceptably comfortable way for a well-endowed man to sit…By the way, there is some very brief cartoon animation of the male anatomy in this video, so just be aware of that in case something like that might be considered NSFW in your office.

You don’t need to be endowed like Lex Steele or Dirk Diggler to be uncomfortable while sitting knee-to-knee on the bus or subway. To prove this point, Steven Crowder made a ‘wearable’ for women to try out on public transit and ‘walk a mile in our shoes’. To illustrate just how uncomfortable it is for guys like us to sit on public transit he added some zip ties to the device because it’s impossible to simulate the internal pain.

The end result? Ladies wearing the male anatomy simulation device found that sitting in the so-called ‘manspreading’ position was the most comfortable way to sit. When strapped with male anatomy there’s a lot more going on, and this causes the bowing out of legs. This isn’t about entitlement and feeling like we men deserve more space than anyone else. This is about working with the anatomy we’ve got and finding a way to sit on a bus in peace.

(via Steven Crowder YouTube)

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