This Video Explains Why Manspreading Is Becoming An Epidemic And Now It Makes Complete Sense

Manspreading Explained


Manspreading is now against the law. It could get you arrested in New York, and soon, everywhere.

Manspreading, or man-sitting, is the practice of sitting in public transport with legs wide apart, thereby covering more than one seat. This definition is according to Wikipedia because IT’S GOT ITS OWN FUCKING WIKIPEDIA ENTRY.

Manspreading isn’t a new thing. Ever since men started riding public transportation, and were born with dicks, manspreading has been common practice. It’s just a big deal now because of cell phone voyeurs and women. OH THOSE WOMEN!

Men will explain it’s just more comfortable to sit with the legs spread and the dock and calls hanging loosey goosey and women will complain there isn’t enough room to sit down to rest after spending the day carrying the largest, heaviest fucking pursues possible without a license.

Finally, someone gets to the bottom of the manspreading issue and explains it’s actually a medical issue that causes men to sit in such a comfy position.