Map Shows The Largest Company (By Revenue) In Each U.S. State — Anyone Know That Logo For N.H.?

by 5 years ago

You might be wondering where some of the largest companies in America are, like Apple and Time Warner. But this map is showing the largest company in each state, by revenue (2015), so some of our nation’s biggest companies didn’t make the cut simply because they’re based in a state inhabited by another massive corporation. Some glaring items on this map that immediately jumped out to me were the fact that Delaware and New Hampshire didn’t even gets names next to the company logos, which leads me to believe those companies are forgettable. I’m shocked that Pennsylvania and not Florida is dominated by pharmaceuticals, when Florida absolutely dominates the nation in pharma consumption. I’m also a bit confused how a real estate company can be the largest company in Virginia? Shouldn’t it be a defense contractor or something like that? Anyways, here’s the map:

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Largest Companies by Revenue in Each State 2015

Here’s the revenue break down on those states:

As a born and raised Floridian I have never in my life heard of World Fuel Services. I guess they’re based out of Miami, and I lived on the other coast…but you’d think if they were the largest company in the state I’d at least have heard of them at some point, right?

To see a larger map from Broadview Networks you can click here.