Map Shows The Most Iconic Soft Drink For Every State In America

The clever folks over at Thrillist underwent the arduous, yet sugary sweet task of coming up with the most iconic soft drink for every state in America.

Their selections were made based on the facts that, as they put it, “some are made exclusively in that state, some are loved the hardest in that state, and some are just the Dakotas, and make us confused.”

I’m sure at least one of you will disagree with their choice for your state, but that’s what life is all about isn’t it? Getting into heated arguments about completely pointless topics?

I hope their next map covers the where’s and why’s of states that call it “pop” versus the states that call it “soda.” Then we can have a real knock-down, drag-out fist fight to the death.

Here are a few of the more interesting finds they came up with.

Check out the entire list for all 50 states here.

ARIZONA – CACTUS COOLER – Not made out of actual cacti, we think.

CALIFORNIA – A&W – Founded in Cali back in 1919 it’s still widely popular there.


ILLINOIS – GREEN RIVER – Created as an alternative drink during prohibition it’s still around today.

MICHIGAN – FAYGO – Made in Detroit, no Juggalo should be without it.

NEVADA – RED BULL – The best thing to drink for those all-night Blackjack sessions.

NEW JERSEY – BOYLAN’S – Founded in 1891 they still use retro-style bottles.

NEW YORK – DR. BROWN’S – Try going to a New York deli and not seeing a wide selection of Dr. Brown’s.

PENNSYLVANIA – A-TREAT – The A stands for Allentown and it’s been around since 1918.

TEXAS – DR. PEPPER – Even though Texans refer to soda as “Coke” what they really mean is Dr. Pepper.

WISCONSIN – SPRECHER ROOT BEER – A brewery that also makes soft drinks? So Wisconsin.

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