U.S. Marines Shoot Innocent Children In Awesome Nerf War

The U.S. Marines must be ready to confront the enemy at a moment’s notice anywhere on the planet. On this day, brave jarheads rushed into battle with a frightening adversary… snot-nosed kids.

Marines dressed to the tee with flak jackets, helmets and even camouflage paint engaged the enemy with riot shields and Nerf guns. While the Marines were in tight-knit formations and covered themselves at every angle, the dopey children of Fleet Activities Yokosuka just ran around like a bunch of assholes without any strategy or organization. These kids would never cut it in Joseph Kony’s army.

The Nerf war went down in Yokosuka, Japan, where the Marines were trying to build positive relationships with civilians.


P.S. The audio in the video is shit and goes in and out throughout.