U.S. Marshals Employee Photographed Having Sex On Roof Of Federal Courthouse

by 5 years ago

First people had sex on the roof of a Chipotle, then teachers were banging their students on the roof now United States Marshals are having sex on the roof. Why am I not fucking on a roof?

Some nosy-body saw what they believed to be a security breach at a federal courthouse in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There appeared to be two people attempting to penetrate the federal building through the roof, so the concerned citizen snapped some photos. While the intent of the persons being on the roof was not terroristic, there was indeed penetration.

The photos were sent to to WHTM-TV and show a man and woman raising the roof on the 12-story federal building with some lofty sex.

The U.S. Marshals Service got wind of the high-rise fucking and has since confirmed that a member of the federal law enforcement agency was involved. Martin J. Pane of the U.S. Marshals said the matter is under investigation.

If only Dr. Richard Kimble had this U.S. Marshal assigned to track him down, he wouldn’t have had to jump off the cliff of a treacherous damn and all the other rigmarole he went through.