Pharma Douche Martin Shkreli Made His 2016 Presidential Candidate Endorsement, Immediately Got Trolled

Everybody’s least favorite Pharma Douche, Martin Shkreli, is clinging to his fifteen minutes of fame by continuing to share his opinions with the world over on Twitter. Yesterday he decided it was time to bless the plebeians with his 2016 Presidential Candidate endorsement. After tossing out his endorsement to his Twitter followers he then got trolled pretty hard by a fake account.

So he says he hasn’t been called, but when an obviously fake Twitter account reaches out he has no idea what’s going on, then threatens to sue, and he still doesn’t realize that he’s talking to a fake Trump account:









I didn’t really think that the Pharma Douche endorsing a candidate was news, but I did think it was pretty great how quickly he fell into the trap of a fake account. And I don’t think that his choice of candidate is even central to this story, because I don’t give one flying fuck about who Martin Shkreli is voting for, everyone’s entitled to their votes and opinions. I just think it’s comical that this dude is trying so hard to make himself relevant, and even refers to himself as a ‘celebrity’ in one of his tweets…It’s just sad.

Last but not least, a picture that’s been making the rounds for quite some time:

(tip of the hat to Hudson Hongo at for sharing this first!)