Prepare To Be Spellbound By This Massive Dam Getting Blown To Friggin’ Smithereens

There’s something fascinating about watching demolitions. The fiery explosion. The thunderous boom. The shrapnel being hurtled. Whatever the reason, this video of a dam demolition is jaw-droppingly spectacular.

The footage is said to be the largest demolition of a dam in history. The demolition team utilized shock tubes to obliterate the dam. You see the timed charges light up milliseconds before all hell breaks loose and explosions go off in order like dominoes.

May wanted to have moved that small boat out of the blast area first (:36 mark).

This explosive video looks like it was taken straight from a Micheal Bay action flick. However, it is very real. This footage from 2013 of a demolition of a dam or seawall in the port of Risavika, Norway has been unearthed by Reddit recently. The dam needed to be removed to make room for a new ferry port.

Easiest fishing day ever.