Don’t Look At These Pictures Of A Massive Python Swallowing A Parrot Whole If You Want To Sleep Tonight

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Ever since I watched the movie Anaconda, I loathed the existence of snakes. What’s the point of them? They’re not like other killers like bears or tiny little crocs that are cute when they’re young, they’re just always fucking shifty and disgusting on their never ending quest for death. I hate them with ever fiber of my existence. I remember in middle school this nerd from the local animal center came in and called on me to help hold the python he brought in. A little pee leaked out of my middle school dick and I tried to hold a plastic smile like I wasn’t holding back tears. Fuck man, snakes suck ass.

After looking at these pics of a python murdering a parrot, if snakes are still cool with you, you’re a serial killer. Facts only.

snake 2 snake 3 snake 4

Is this dude fucking serious? Goddamn work of the devil.

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