This Mastermind Has Made A Living Off Trolling People Who Ask Him To Photoshop Their Pictures

by 10 months ago


All of us go through phases when we wish we were a little buffer, taller, tanner, sexier, I could go on. But why put in the effort at the gym/tanning salon/cosmetic surgeon when you can a computer program does it all for you. We all live online anyway so its perfectly feasible to give your ex the impression that you’ve gotten your shit together even though you still flip your dirty undies inside out for maximum usage. But, alas, we’re getting away from the point of this post.

We posted about a graphic designer named James Fridman last year, after his photoshop work went viral. Now, he has over 1 million followers and has sharpened his photoshop skills from the thousands of people who request his services. But the results are not likely what they expected. Sucks for them, awesome for us. Here are some of my FAVZZZZ.


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