Competitive Eater Matt Stonie Is Back With Easily His Grossest And Most High-Calorie Challenge Ever

Sweet jeebus. I couldn’t even watch with both eyes open. I couldn’t take in competitive eater Matt Stonie eating 13 slices of cheesecake — totaling 5,300 calories — in just a minute.

Cheesecake is so damn thick and heavy and I’ve eaten a slice and a half and felt like a jackhammer was pushing against the inner lining of my stomach. Not to mention the flatulence. Thirteen slices of cheesecake must created the most painful farts and stomach gurgles ever.

If that video wasn’t enough, here’s Stonie devouring Taco Bell, a jug of protein powder, Chipotle burritos, and an insane number of Big Macs.

[via Geekologie]