A Homeless Man Who Spotted A Pair Of Violent Fugitives Is About To Be $100,000 Richer

A homeless man in San Francisco just came into a life changing amount of money, after reporting two fugitives to authorities.

Earlier in the year, we told you about three inmates who escaped from an Orange County jail in a brazen breakout, one of whom who had cut off another dude’s dick.

The group stole a van and forced a taxi cab driver to take them to San Francisco, where they holed up in a motel for a week, holding the driver at gunpoint.

In San Francisco, the stolen video was spotted by Matthew Hay-Chapman, a homeless man.

He went to police and, with that information, two of the suspects, Hossein Nayeri (the dick cutter) and Jonathan Tieu, were apprehended.

Now, he’s receiving $100,000 from Orange County, the bulk of the reward money, for his actions.

Two others, Target employees who spotted the fugitives the night of their escape, will split another $40,000.

The cab driver, who was held at gunpoint, will not receive any of the reward, because he did not provide information that aided in the apprehension of the subjects.

Duh, but that kinda sucks for him.

[Via CBS]