Someone Unearthed Matthew McConaughey’s Official YouTube Page And It’s Not Normal

Matthew McConaughey is a bit of an enigma to me. Like, I’m a huge fan of post-epiphany McConaughey. Mud, Lincoln LawyerDallas Buyers ClubTrue Detective. Stunning. But then again, there were all those rom-coms he did. Like Jesus Christ, remember Fool’s Gold? If a person’s career can rebound from that fucking dumpster fire, anything is possible.

All that being said, my personal jury’s still out on McConaughey. The guy seems like the man. But then I stumbled across the internet rumblings of his personal YouTube account, which is kind of just a video compilation of PSA hot takes. Like this one about homeless kids in the public school system.

Or this one that gave his viewers a recap of the his Thanksgiving.

Or this one that combined his concern for homeless people and provided an update on his holiday festivities.

According to Wetpaint, McConaughey used to only get about 1,000 views per video. Which is insane. The account came to the attention of the world on Thursday when a redditor discovered and posted about it. Maybe now he’ll start posting more videos about something other than his thoughts on the homeless/updates on his holiday meals.