50 Cent Knows Floyd Mayweather Can’t Handle ‘Harry Potter’ So He’s Challenging Him To ‘Cat in the Hat’


Can Floyd Mayweather read? Only he knows, and if you wrote him an email there’s a 99% chance you wouldn’t get a response because he wouldn’t be able to read what you sent him. 50 Cent offered to donate $750,000 to any charity if Mayweather could handle reading a page of Harry Potter but didn’t get any response, so Jimmy Kimmel intervened and convinced Fiddy to change the book to The Cat in the Hat.

For you skeptics out there who are like “Dude, it’s 2014, you can’t function in LIFE without being able to read,” click here to check out Floyd Mayweather “reading”…

Yeah. It’s fucking awful.

[H/T Gawker]
[Image via Shutterstock]

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