McDonald’s Selling Bottled Big Mac Sauce But There’s An Even Cheaper Way To Get It At Home

by 3 years ago

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Losing money faster than a married man in a brothel, McDonald’s is doing anything to get people back into stores and strung out on Happy Meals and hot apple pies. Certain Golden Arches locations are selling Big Mac special sauce in squeezable bottles.

None of those locations are in America.

McDonald’s is currently selling its coveted “special” sauce by the bottle. Unfortunately, however, you’ll have to fly to Australia to make the pickup, or have one of your Aussie comrades snag a bottle or two for you, as the Big Mac sauce is only being sold at 40 locations Down Under, with select stores adding 500ml bottles of the sauce to the menu for a limited time. With only 4,000 produced, each bottle retails for $4.95 USD.

This isn’t the first time Ronald dropped his sauce in a bottle. There was that one drunken night in Cancun when…kidding. Back in 2014, the chain sold limited edition bottles on eBay. Some bottles went for as much as $18,000.


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