McDonald’s Wants You To Know How Their Fries Are Made In Hopes That You Stop Thinking McDonald’s Is Disgusting

When you think about McDonald’s food what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Take a second. Mull it over.

What hit you first?

Was it the supposed pink sludge that McNuggets are made of? Was it the fact that their indestructible food can sit out for years without showing any signs of significant mold? Or was it that although you think it’s delicious, you suspect that whatever you’re eating, it’s comprised entirely from the assholes of dead sewer rats?

Whatever the case may be, McDonald’s is on a mission to change the perception of their food quality. They want you to think (or know) that their food is made from real ingredients and not shit that would make a billy goat puke .

They’re accomplishing that (or attempting to, anyway) by allowing engineer and McDonald’s skeptic, Grant Imahara, to tour their facilities to see how everything is made. Here’s what he learned about McDonald’s fries on a recent visit.