McDonald’s Is Stepping Up Their Burger Game To Compete With Shake Shack And Five Guys

That right there is one of McDonald’s new Sirloin Burgers, which is what most hamburgers are already made of. You know, cow meat. So you are correct to be skeptical of it. It would be as though Taco Bell introduced a new “ground beef filling” for its tacos, or Arby’s added an “Actual Roast Beef” sandwich to its menu.

Makes you wonder what came before.

Before wasn’t a problem for McDonald’s. If you asked anyone in America 30 years ago who had the best hamburger in the country, McDonald’s would be at the top of every list.

But times have changed, and the U.S. is now a nation of discerning eaters. Fast food food doesn’t cut it. A burger’s gotta be organic, the accompanying fries cooked in olive or peanut or safflower oil.

People get their burger fixes at Five Guys. And In N Out. Shake Shack. Elevation Burger is particularly fantastic if you are ever near one. Anywhere but the golden arches.

McDonald’s thinks they can fix it by introducing new high-end burgers, as though cutting open a horse and gluing a carburetor to the outside of its liver would make you more likely to take it on a 250 mile trip instead of your Nissan.

Yep. Sirloin burgers are back (Remember they tried this before and it failed, although that was different times). They sound delicious, if they were made by anyone else. From the AP:

McDonald’s says it’s introducing a trio of “Sirloin Third Pound” burgers for a limited time starting later this month, the latest sign the chain is pushing to improve perceptions about the quality of its food.

McDonald’s said the sirloin burgers will come in three varieties: Lettuce & Tomato, Bacon & Cheese and Steakhouse, which comes with grilled mushrooms and onions, white cheddar and peppercorn sauce.

STEAKHOUSE. I know what I’m getting.

Who knows? This may work. (I know. It won’t work. Just look at the one above. It looks nothing like a delicious Shake Shack burger).