A Group Of Meat-Wielding Men Attacked A Vegan Restaurant Over The Weekend



Perhaps the predominant reason I hate vegans is because of how proud and preachy they are about their diet.

Well, that and because their diet choices are stupid. But it’s much more the former.

Which is why it pains me to be siding with vegans today. Ugh. Gross. I know. If I didn’t, though, I would be a hypocrite.

In Tblisi, Georgia, a group of meat-wielding men attacked a vegan restaurant, The BBC reports.

A vegan cafe in Tbilisi has appealed for public solidarity after being invaded by alleged ultra-nationalists wielding grilled meat and sausages.

More than a dozen men stormed into the Kiwi cafe in the Georgian capital on Sunday evening, the cafe said, shouting and throwing meat at patrons.

A brawl erupted but the attackers fled before police arrived

Like I said, I hate when vegans tell me I should eat plants, or disparage me for my love of brisket, so I can’t endorse a group of carnivores waving their lifestyle choices in the face of vegans.

Also, I can’t side with them because they were neo-Nazis who objected to the Kiwi-Café’s support of LGBT rights.

The cafe has appealed for public support, saying it was no prank but a case of intimidation by neo-Nazis.

It said it was already the target of some local hostility due to its patrons’ alternative lifestyles – “the way we look, music that we listen to, ideas we support, and the fact that we don’t eat meat” and backing of causes such as rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Now you know Neo-Nazis are bad when they’re making us sympathetic to vegans.

Don’t be a neo-Nazi.

[Via The BBC]

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