Meerkat Expert Slashed And Spit In Face Of A Monkey Handler In Love Triangle Over A Llama Keeper

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before, a meerkat expert, a monkey handler and a llama keeper walk into a Christmas party. The female meerkat specialist and the monkey handler both fucked the llama keeper, so they brawl. It’s not a joke, it really happened and here’s the story of the bizarre love triangle.

Caroline Westlake, a meerkat expert, was the ex-girlfriend of Adam Davies, a llama keeper. Davies is now dating Kate Sanders, a monkey handler. All three attended a Christmas party at the London Zoo last December 8. And that’s when then monkey shit hit the fan.

Sanders was apparently talking shit about Westlake in the ladies’ room, “Have you seen the state of her?” Looks like someone is not happy that the ex was the monkey handler for the llama dude. Somehow that conversation got back to Westlake and she responded by smashing a wine glass into the face of Sanders. Then Westlake allegedly held Sanders over a balcony while spitting in her face. You would have bet the house that the llama keeper would be the one spitting, but it didn’t work out that way.

Sanders was rushed to hospital and had to have a total of five stitches.

Westlake claimed that she was punched first and said she did not recall striking Sanders with the glass, but acknowledged that her ADHD and dyspraxia may have caused her accidental movements. That’s some pretty fucking intense accidental movements in the coincidental direction of someone who just so happened to fucked the same llama guy as you.

Westlake, 30, was sentenced to 12-months community service, ordered to pay $900 in compensation to Sanders and over $200 in court costs. Westlake was fired by the zoo after the incident.

How incredibly good must the llama guy slang dick to make these women act like wild animals?