Meet The Kid Who Was Born With Three Penises And No Butthole

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Okay so technically you can’t meet him, even via Internet standards: the kid’s a baby. Actually I guess he’s a toddler since he’s now two years old, but that’s beside the point because the whole draw of this story is that THE KID’S GOT THREE DICKS…and no butthole. BUT THREE DICKS! That’s two more than usual and one more than that Reddit guy who did an AMA. According to Metro,

He is only able to pass urine though one of the penises, however following the operation doctors say the boy will grow up with a functioning penis and will be able to have sex and have children.

The boy, from India, is thought to suffer from diphallia – a condition which causes males to be born with more than one penis.

Doctors rectified the boy’s abnormality by removing one penis and then fusing two of the remaining appendages into one which can be used normally.

Dr Vishesh Dixit, a paediatric surgeon at Sion hospital, said: ‘The two functional penises were fused into one, by wrapping a mass of skin around them.’

If you’re sitting there wondering “Okay so now the kid has one normal dick…but what about the butthole? Did they fix that? Where is he going to poop? HOW is he going to poop? Does he poop at all in the first place?” – don’t worry. I had the exact same questions as you because in my book poop > dicks, so it’s with great relief I’m able to tell you that surgeons also performed a colostomy so the child would be able to take dumps with the best of them.

[H/T Metro]


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