From Math Equations To Nancy Grace: Men Reveal What They Think About To Last Longer In The Sack

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When guys are in the intimate company of a supremely hot goddess that is way out of your league you want to put on a good show. However, when a beautiful woman is so intimidatingly tantalizing your penis wants to continue the species and is thinking, “Holy fuckaroni this is the hottest girl we will ever get in our miserable lives so let’s pump her full of our seed as fast as humanely possible to create the best imaginable offspring!” But you’re not ready to have a baby and if you finish in 12 seconds then you are greatly lowering your chances to have sex with this hot chick again. So men have a little file of information that they delve into to take their mind off of how spectacular this girl is. In the “Ask Reddit” subreddit, redditors were asked, “What’s your go-to thought to keep from finishing too quickly during sex?” The answers did not disappoint.

“Dont nut dont nut dont nut dont nut. Fuck…. I’m sorry,” redditor ab_a said.

One gentleman channeled his inner Austin Powers and said, “Margaret Thatcher on a cold day.”

For the mathematics nerds, you could think of the Fibonacci sequence.

For the spelling nerds, you could spell out complex words.

“I cycle through the entire starting lineup and pitching rotation of the Tampa Bay Rays.” Haha “Dickerson.”

Possibly the greatest boner-robber of them all is Nancy Grace shrieking.

I hope these come in handy in prolonging you from cumming in your handy.