This Meteorologist’s Freakout Is All Of Us Prepping For Blizzardpocalypse 2016 This Weekend

So, the above video of Accuweather meteorologist Jim Kosek having a meltdown about the massive amount of snow set to be dumped all over the Northeast is actually from 2010, but it just couldn’t be more anymore relevant than today.

This is exactly how I’m feeling right now about the impending Blizzardpocalypse. Shoveling out of more than a foot of snow? No thanks.

Funny enough, Kosek’s accumulation projections are still pretty much spot-on with what the eastern seaboard is expecting from Winter Storm Jonas.

I guess we’ve survived it all before, and this time will be no different…hopefully. But please, please, please do not let the power go out.

*Crosses fingers for the next 36 hours*

[h/t Joe Belack]

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