A Woman Shared All The Horrific Messages Men Have Sent Her Over The Past Ten Years And Good God We Are Terrible

by 3 years ago


I personally am not onboard with the #banmen movement that’s (jokingly) making its way through social media, because as a man, I like most men, as well as being one, but sometimes you see things like this that make you understand the sentiments behind the thoughts.

Guys, let’s all not do this. 

Mia Matsumiya is a volinist who now has a side hobby. Sharing all the awful messages men have sent her online over the past ten years. She’s received thousands of them, just from being on dating sites and … we should all not be this terrible.

Look at this shit.

This one is lovely.

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2/3 WAIT. He force feeds dogs Purina and dick?!?!

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Just… it’s not that hard to not be awful. Try it once. You can see more of this terrible crap at her Instagram account.