Michigan Teens Perfectly Recreate Characters From ‘Coming To America’ For Their Prom


You don’t have to be a citizen of Zamunda to appreciate this incredible Coming to America cosplay that these high school students executed to perfection at their prom.

Three classmates turned up at Benton Harbor High School in Michigan dressed as iconic characters from the classic 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy.

There is even an amazing “She’s your Queen-to-be, a Queen-to-be forever” introduction by the young man portraying Oha.

Jawana Young was the young lady attempting to catch the heart of her Prince Akeem with her tremendous version of Imani Izzi.

Yes, she did even jump on one foot and bark like a dog. Now that is commitment.

No word on whether Randy Watson and “Sexual Chocolate” was the band that played at the prom.


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