Middle Schooler Is Going Crazy Viral After Giving Graduation Speech Impersonating The Presidential Candidates

It’s almost a shame that this 8th grade bro started with Donald Trump because his Ted Cruz is one of the best impersonations we’ve seen in 2016, and his Hillary captured that je ne sais quoi that makes Hillary, well, Hillary (if you get my drift). My biggest and ONLY complaint with this video is that it was shot using vertical video, I thought people knew how to hold their phones correctly by now? Back to the kid…This dude came out of nowhere, and while this video only has around 90k views at the moment it’s already been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, and it’s been featured on ABC News.

I’d be shocked if Lorne Michaels doesn’t ink this 8th grade bro to a future Saturday Night Live speech by the end of the night. Why do I think that Lorne Michaels is going to sign this little bro up for SNL? Well, the 8th grader on the podium is Jack Aiello from Thomas Middle School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, part of the greater Chicago area, and Lore Michaels basically scoops up any and every talent from Second City, Chicago’s world famous comedy troupe.

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(h/t ABCNews.com)