This Mind-Bending Picture Of A Dad And His Daughter Is Driving The Internet Crazy

If all you saw of this photo of a dad and his daughter was what you see above there would be nothing special about it other than it just being a nice photo. It certainly wouldn’t be something that would go viral and be viewed over 1.7 million times.

However, when you get a look at the entire picture your mind starts playing some tricks on you.

Check out some of the comments on Reddit and see if you don’t agree with some of the many optical illusions going on…

“Took me a few seconds to realize she was sitting down and not standing. I was wondering why OP’s feet were bedazzled and incredibly disproportionate.”

The funny thing is, the person who posted the photo, narcolepsyinc, didn’t see any of it…

“I didn’t even see it at first. My wife put it on Facebook, and that was all people could see.”

Here are a few more keen observations…

“Bro, you forgot leg day again.”

“Extra hand too.”

“Why does your daughter have 3 hands though?”

“Yeah, pink shirt looks like a third hand. Lots of things going on – it’s like an Escher drawing.”

“At first glance, it looks like she’s dressed in colonial clothes.”

“Looks exactly like an old soviet school uniform.”

And I don’t think this person was looking at the right photo…

“Don’t worry, it’s definitely blue and black.”

Even Mashable chimed in saying, “The only thing we know for sure is that the girl’s pencil looks exceptionally tall.”

Way to go Internet. You’ve done it again.

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