The New Miss Teen USA Is Super Hot But Also Loves Dropping N-Bombs On Twitter

I’m pretty petrified for the day I finally become famous and someone takes a dive down my social media pages. And mine aren’t even that bad. But still, bad publicity is still bad. I can see the headlines now. “Pulitzer Prize Winner Also Used To Get Very Drunk And Have His Roommates Throw Him Through Tables.” Great role model. Parents will love me.

Speaking of upset parents, people are not happy about the new Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay’s Twitter escapades. Namely, her willingness to use the n-word.

Like I said, people are pissed.

Hay, obviously, has publically apologized.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be the chairman of political correctness. I’m a white American male who makes dick jokes on the Internet as a way to pay off my student loans. But come on. The n-word is like that one word that white people should literally never say. We shouldn’t even think it. We’re not allowed. I agree with that. So it’s Hay’s own fault here for putting it on Twitter. She can sit around and complain about making mistakes all she wants, but I totally agree with what everyone else is saying. Stay in your lane, white people.