Mom Bought Daughter Shirt Because It Had ‘Cool Pattern,’ Little Did She Know The Design Was A Full-Blown Orgy

Does your mommy still buy your clothes? It’s fucking embarrassing. My dear sweet mother recently bought me a Tommy Hilfiger sweater and she was surprised when I asked for the gift receipt. She replied, “But I thought you liked this kind of shirt.” Which I did. Decades ago. A multitude of fashion cycles ago. When I had even poorer fashion sense than I have now. Katie, seen above, knows the struggle of a mother with good intentions buying her clothes.

Katie’s mom bought her daughter a fancy white and gold shirt worth $60. Mom bought the shirt because she thought it had a “cool pattern.”

Oh shit. I that a full-blown orgy on that shirt!?!?

Upon closer examination, indeed, there’s people banging on that shirt.

There’s sucking, fucking, groping, ass-eating, and even some pussy grabbing on that precious treasure from mom.

Katie doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and rocks the orgy shirt that would make Caligula blush.

Thanks for the fucking shirt mom.