Mom Fights Son Over The Only Thing Worth Punching A Kid For — A Taco Bell Burrito

Mom Fights Son Taco Bell

Milton Police Department

A mother and teenage boy got into a scrap this week because mom wanted some god damn Taco Bell. And when mom wants some god damn Taco Bell, mom gets some god damn Taco Bell.

A Milton, WV woman was arrested Friday for child abuse after she struck her son over a Taco Bell burrito.

Cabell County Sheriff Officers we dispatched to a house on Mason Street in Milton at around 7 PM. They found Lorretta Lynn Armstong punching her teenage son in the face.

When officers tried to cuff the Armstrong she began screaming, cussing, threw herself on the ground, and began rolling around. Officers were able to place handcuffs on her and called an ambulance for evaluation.

What’s there to evaluate? The woman obviously understands the deliciousness of a Taco Bell burrito and is willing to throw down with her own flesh and blood to get a bite.

After mom was medically cleared, she was put in the back of a patrol car and continued to scream and curse at the cops. She told them she was going to “get” them.

[via TriState Update]

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