Mom Looks Like A Slimy Hunk Of Kielbasa Humping Another Kielbasa After Getting Stupid AF-Looking Lip Injections

30-year-old Alia Byrne looks like garbage. I know it’s 2016 and we’re not allowed to call people “fat” or “ugly,” but is “garbage” safe? Because there is no other way to describe her other than saying that the bottom half of her face looks like it’s been taken over by two double-stacked hot dogs. Personally, I’d rather be called “fat” than be told “Bitch your face is fuckkkkkkkked up,” because at least when you’re fat you can lose weight; if you’re ugly, well…you’re just fucked.

And “fucked” is what Alia is, although if you were to ask her she’d only be singing words of praise for her plastic surgeon. In a little under one year, Alia has had over 6.5 mL of dermal fillers injected into her lips, spending over $2,000 total for the procedures. “Sometimes I do get stares down the street and my mum has told me to stop getting lip fillers. But it doesn’t bother me,” she explains, “It’s my life and lips and I don’t care. I’m a good mum and it’s the only thing I spend my money on that’s for me so I shouldn’t be judged for my enhanced lips.”

Alright, fair – if you are a saint in every other aspect of your life you can have a free pass for being deluded into thinking that this:

looks good.

“Everything I have goes to my child,” Alia continues, “I have always lived my life for my son and getting fillers is something I’ve done just for me. My new lips have given me so much confidence. People say my lips are big but I see them every day, I really don’t think they’re that huge at all. I would definitely like to get more fillers put in.”

Sneak peek at Alia’s head in a few years:

Alia does note, however, that she spends all her time and the “bulk” of her salary caring for her son. So yeah, she looks incredibly stupid and only someone with a severe mental deficit would consider what she’s done to her face “attractive”…but hey, if she’s not hurting anyone, it can’t be that bad, can it?

…can it?



[Via News Dog]