Watch The Scary Moment Helicopter Is Destroyed After Crashing Into Irish Pub

Rich people think they can just park anywhere their little hearts desire. Take this shitbrick for example, he wants to frequent the pub and just lands his fancy Gazelle helicopter into the pub.

We take you to Abbeyshire, Ireland where a quick trip to the pub turned into disaster. On Wednesday, the pilot, a British businessman (There’s goes all my Irish people love to drink stereotypes I was planning on using), smashed into the side of the Rustic Inn, as he attempted to land his whirlybird.

Thankfully there were no serious injuries. The pilot was arrested, but released without charge. I guess I can understand because the wealthy man’s team of lawyers would have gotten him off the hook by saying some privileged shit like, “Well the pub should have had a helipad to accommodate my client.”

Umm, why didn’t this douche just drive to the pub? It’s fucking Ireland not Iran, there’s like 276 pubs per every square mile.

The real hero of this video is the chap who’s being barraged by wrecked helicopter shrapnel, yet still doesn’t spill a drop of his pint (50 second mark). Kudos to that fucking guy.

Well on the bright side, the pub can now install that through-the-wall air conditioner that they wanted to put in. Maybe even 12 of them.