People Shared Some Of The Absolutely Ridiculous Moments They Realized They Were Dating An Idiot

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moment people realized dating idiot


As we have well chronicled here, the dating world is a complete minefield to try to navigate these days. Mostly that’s just because people, for the most part, kind of suck.

Every now and then though you think you’ve found a diamond in the rough, however. Problem is, sometimes these gems are really good at hiding their flaws. Flaws like the fact that they are, well, idiots.

The thing is, I’ve run into a few idiots in my day, but rarely did these folks reach the levels of idiocy presented in a recent Reddit thread which asked, “At what moment did you realize you were dating an idiot?”

These people are truly “special.”

When he blamed the loan company.

I said I had $20,000 in student loan debt. He said he had something like $20,000, too. He then changed his answer to $40,000. Then thought about it and didn’t know. I pressured him to actually figure it out…. turns out, he owed $120,000 in student loans. He blamed the loan company for not telling him how much he was taking out. He blamed them for making him pay it all back. I pointed out that the information was on the forms he signed every year. He said that it was unrealistic for them to make him read all of that information.

My favorite part is that his degree is in communication. ~ LifeIsShortAndSoAmI

He looked out the car window to check his parking job, then closed it on his own head. ~ stay_bronze_horseman

She thought Al-Qaeda is a country. She actually expressed interest in visiting it someday. ~ regalternative

When i had to explain that you spray mosquito repellent on YOURSELF, not in the air at the mosquitos.

For the third time.

It’s not like wasp spray. Stop fucking wasting it. ~ birdbrainiac

Every time I went to her house, there was small brown/melted “V” shapes in the carpet. I always wondered what they were..

Then one day, I went over one time and saw her hair straightener lying on the carpet. She left it on ALL THE FUCKING TIME, and would just go to work. Like.. how have you not burned your apartment complex down yet? ~ Doebino

He tried to tell me that an oxymoron was a cleaning solution. ~ Lyd_Euh

Picture this, High School 1980ish. Boyfriend and i went to see Friday the 13th movie and I would hide my eyes when the scary music started. Turns out I am not a fan of horror for sake of blood. After the movie my boyfriend was pissed at me and accused me of seeing the movie before. He thought that that was why I knew something scary was coming up. It couldn’t have been the formula scary music. Lol. That moment I decided to go to college and not marry my high school sweetheart. ~ Tess47

I had this one ex boyfriend who would play Russian music fairly loud in the car. One day I asked him why and with a straight face he said “It’s to scare away the black people.” ~ Beholdthebooty

There are so many, but two of my favorites:

1) He was adamant that ‘night owl’ meant whore and that I should NEVER again refer to myself as one because that was equivalent with claiming that I was a prostitute. I could not convince him that he misunderstood and that ‘lady of the night’ was the term he was searching for.

2) He was 100% sure that German was a romance language and argued this point vehemently in spite of the presentation of vast evidence to the contrary. ~ AfterElysium

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