Watch A Diaper-Wearing Monkey Attack A Walmart Employee In A Parking Lot Because, Hell, Why Wouldn’t You?

You’re free to not watch this monkey, who is wearing a diaper, try and lay the smack on a Walmart employee, but, like, why would you not?

What else are you gonna do right now? Your options are: answer some stupid work emails or watch this monkey, who after the attack is corralled and scolded by his owner, like he’s some sort of toddler.

Richelle Stewart filmed the incident, which went down in Lancaster, Ohio. (Which, incidentally, is where Chipotle will open their first ever burger shop. Cool shit going down in Lancaster these days.)

The man was not hurt in the incident, so no police report was filed, but the Ohio Department of Agriculture is attempting to identify the woman, if only to give her some lessons on how to keep her monkey under control.

[Via WTRV]

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