This Monkey Who Crashes A Boat Party And Steals Vodka Is My Spirit Animal

by 1 year ago

We take you to Thailand where a monkey crashes a boat party and gets plastered. At first the monkey checks out some coconuts, but quickly realizes that there’s much more exciting aboard the dinghy – vodka. He goes to grab a Gatorade bottle full of vodka and when he is denied the monkey gets fucking pissed. The alcoholic monkey shows his teeth in anger and then takes a swipe at the tourist. The man wisely gives the primate his alcoholic concoction.

The monkey immediately unscrews the cap (Something tells me he’s done this before) then chugs the vodka. Sure he makes a mess, but you try drinking pounding vodka without an opposable thumb.

The tourists attempt to get the monkey to leave the boat, but drunken monkey ain’t having it. I like how the man dumbs down his verbiage so it’s easier for the Thai monkey to understand his English. “You go now,” the man says as if the monkey would have known what that means as opposed to talking normal and saying something such as, “You have to exit the boat monkey.”

That’s when the local dude steps up and chases away the monkey, but not before the inebriated primate makes a grand exit. The monkey perfectly dives off the boat into the crystal blue waters and swims underwater to the shore.

P.S. Am I the only one who was shocked when the cameraman wasn’t a teenager? (44-second mark)

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