There Are Now More Drugged Drivers On The Road Than Drunk Drivers Because People Remain Stupid

by 5 years ago


Look, you will not find a more vocal proponent of drug and alcohol use than me. I think drugs and alcohol are two of the five most important things mankind has ever invented (the other three being wings, spaceships and electric blankets),

And I get that society is stupid with its stupid rules and its stupid housing system that puts people extremely far away from cool bars and the other houses where your drug dealers live.

But even with those two things going for me, I still think driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is as stupid a thing a human can do. Not because you can’t make it home safely, or because you are not alright to drive.

It’s because nothing (not sleeping in your own bed or hooking up with some chick) outweighs the possibility (however scant) that you could end someone’s life.

That’s it. You may not think it will happen to you, but in doing it, you are increasing the chances you’ll kill someone.

If that’s not an argument against doing a thing (making it more likely you won’t kill someone), I don’t know what is.

Of course, no one is listening to me or PSAs or any of that shit, because now there are more drugged drivers than drunk drivers on the road.

That’s not because the percentage of drunk drivers is going down. Now, just more people are hopped up on cocaine and pot and PCP and heroin and are totally fine with strapping themselves into their murder cars and going around possibly murdering someone.

That’s what driving under the influence is. Taking a murder car out for a stroll.

So again, please, don’t. Let’s just all agree to do one less stupid thing as people. Please? It’s so easy. It actually requires you to not do a thing. So much less work.

Cool. And speak up. No one is going to be mad at you for stopping one of your friend’s from killing someone.

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